Medicaid Planning

Happy retireesThe best way to understand Medicaid Planning is to compare it to something you already understand. Think of Medicaid as the IRS and Morey Law as your CPA. The IRS and Medicaid are both huge government agencies with complex and intricate rules.

Morey Law is like the CPA because we look at your specific situation and help you navigate Medicaid regulations for the best possible outcome. We know the rules and handle the paperwork so that you don’t have to.

One place where Morey Law is actually better than a CPA firm is that if you don’t save you money you don’t have to hire us. Most people who retain Morey Law to assist them in their Medicaid Plans save money. We have saved clients in excess of $200,000. Even though some clients’ situations are such that there is no money left to protect, we can still ease the burden on the family by taking care of the Medicaid application.

Medicaid rules and regulations are too complicated to go over on the phone (unless there is no other way). The best way to start is to call and set up a free consultation. Bring with you basic information such as income and assets. During the initial free consultation we will generally  be able to let you know if we can save you money or not and whether you situation is one that we would undertake. We are busy enough that we not take every client that meets with us. We choose to work with clients whom we enjoy spending time with because we will be doing a lot of that in the course of a Medicaid application.