Colorado Springs Law Firm Focusing on Medicaid Planning, Elder Care, Business Planning, and Wills and Trusts

Morey Law, P.C. is different from most other law firms. First, we concentrate on planning rather than litigation. In fact, we don’t litigate at all. If you need someone to help you with a divorce, a traffic ticket or collect a debt, we’re more than happy to put you in touch with a great lawyer that can help you in the areas, but we don’t practice in those areas.

We are firm believers that it is better to do a few things very well rather than many things competently.

Therefore, we practice exclusively in three areas of planning:

Medicaid Planning SessionMedicaid Planning

Are you stressed out trying to figure out how to pay for the staggering price of long-term care? Don't believe Medicaid when they tell you that you must spend all your money on care before they will help. We help those facing long-term care costs qualify for Medicaid while still preserving as many assets for the family as possible. Many times, we can save our clients HALF of the money they would have otherwise had to spend on nursing home care.

Business Strategy SessionBusiness Planning

Don’t know if you should be an LLC or an Incorporated? Need to set up a Non-Profit Corporation? Or maybe you’re not even sure what LLC stands for or what the differences between the different types of entities really are. We can help explain the differences and help you set up everything properly. Once you’re up and running we can help you with leases, buy-sell agreements or any other type of contract.

Last Will and TestamentWills and Trusts

Everyone should at least have a will and those with more complicated estates (such as blended families, high net worth and property in multiple states) should consider a revocable living trust. Even more important than a Will or a Trust are your Powers of Attorney. These allow you to designate someone to make decisions for you if you can no longer make decisions for yourself.

We charge flat fees, not by the hour. This allows our relationships with our clients to be relaxed because you're not looking at the clock while you're meeting with us.

We also offer free initial consultations, call and set one up today.

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